Enemies of the rule of law

Pakistan is a china shop and the bull is its ruling elites. They are on the rampage since the day this shop was established. The stories of which come to light, I say which come to light, tell of the ways the bull is playing in and with the china the shop contains.

The bull of the present government of the Pakistan Peoples Party is a unique bull which believes in breaking the shop itself. The latest story of this dispensation is heart-wrenching and kills the hope that this country could ever be ruled by laws.

Today’s The Express Tribune

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Photography wih No Manipulation

As for Photography, I believe in NO Manipulation!
It’s the Photographer, and then his Camera and the World, the combination of which may produce a work of art!

The availability of an Opportunity for that combination to work wonder depends both on Chance and the Photographer’s Eye.

All the photo-manipulating tools and things like that are not for the Photographer to take advantage of but what the traditional photographer used to do, such as cropping and minor adjustments which do not disturb (which otherwise is known as “improvement”) the originality of the photo taken spontaneously.

A photographer’s Basic Tool is

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Stray points – 1

* Governments, i.e. ruling elites kill their own citizens, sometimes by their unwise vested policies as in Pakistan, and sometimes using the same weapons they manufacture or purchase with their citizens’ money as in Syria.

* Growing up beyond the boundaries of his own culture is the first precondition of a thinker.

* If your passion starts paying, it means it has the potential of becoming your profession.

* When fascism pervades the air, Philosophy is there to give solace.

* A government does eat our money; it eats our time also.

* When we read a book, and write

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PEMRA: Regulating the taste of people

So, this time Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is on a mission to define Obscenity. It may be a political ploy and what’s the story behind the curtains the managers of TV and Radio channels must be knowing well. Also, the issue of Obscenity may be a covering fire and the intended target is something else, such as editorial independence of the electronic media in Pakistan. Better the electronic media should regulate itself and before the PEMRA comes in to strangulate its freedom!

Many a questions need to be raised about the character and mandate of PEMRA, and a

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Finished reading: The Elements of Moral Philosophy

This evening I finished reading, The Elements of Moral Philosophy, by James Rachels (McGraw-Hill College, 3rd edition 1999; previous editions 1986, 1993).
I have read a number of books on Ethics; it’s quite different from all others. Though written for the students, it retains the philosophical tenor well. Not only Rachels discusses important arguments put forward by the important schools of moral philosophy, he contributes towards devising a new Moral Theory also.
Distinctively, he equates Morality with Reason. “It is an offense against morality because it is first an offense against reason.”
Have a look at the scheme of

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How to reduce high electricity tariff?

It is no gainsaying that the government has completely failed the citizens of Pakistan by mismanaging the electricity generation and distribution. This government-made crisis is immeasurably hurting every aspect of the society. But there is no sign of any realization of the magnitude of the crisis on the part of the present government which through its 5 years of rule did nothing to resolve it.
The electricity tariff is directed upwards with no reason why it is being increased day by day. Somehow back in 2003 at least there was a bit of sense that it needed to be reduced,

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A taxonomy of human intellect

My reading room is 11 X 9 feet. The wall on the left contains built-in-wall shelves measuring 10.5 X 3.4 inches. Against the front wall are placed two steel almirahs. They are all full of books, old, new, and on various subjects. Their number is irrelevant to the purpose of the present writing. Apart from technical subjects such as relating to physical, scientific and technological disciplines, I have books about many subjects and disciplines.
Let me make it clear: my passion is Philosophy, Literature and History. So, books on these subjects abound.
All these books were there randomly stuffed in

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War against virtue

As the Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has recently clearly identified who are extremists and who are terrorists, and as these extremists and terrorists are waging a war in Pakistan to impose a world view of theirs on the people of Pakistan through the use of gun, this war in its truest meaning is a war against Virtue. Here are the arguments:

War against virtue

 All coercion is part of the war against virtue unless morally and legally justified.

Our share of the terrorists or Taliban has perfected what we have been suffering in our

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Waiting torture in Pakistan

Yesterday’s Pakistan Print Edition of International Herald Tribune contains Why waiting is torture, by Alex Stone.

A very good piece which discusses our psychology of waiting in line and how we respond to various waiting situations.

Alex Stone writes: “Americans spend roughly 37 billion hours each year waiting in line.”

I wonder, how much time Pakistanis spend waiting in lines here and there, both at private and public establishments! I do not know about any such study for Pakistan. Actually, it’s no “issue” at all here. No guessing – how much time Pakistanis spend in waiting. But no doubt

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