First things first

That rulers and ruled are different.

That means governments and their citizens are different.
That means ruling elites and the ordinary citizens are different.
That persons are good or bad by nature is irrelevant to Political Philosophy, or I think should be irrelevant to it; though it may have academic significance or relevance to other sciences.
That persons usually change as the circumstances incentivize or allow them to.
That means Pakistanis, or others in the “underdeveloped” and the “developed” world, are not bad by nature, and may change with time.
That they are all, the same human beings who want to live a just and peaceful life of their choice.
That knowing each other brings human beings closer – leaving behind the negative perceptions their governments / ruling elites through their unwise policies and ulterior motives, and ‘bad guy’ types, might have created about them.
Through this blog the blogger is to share what he thinks, writes about the world and the things in it, and also the slices of reality he captures via his photography; and all this with an aim to build such bridges between citizens from various backgrounds which may contribute towards the making of a universal community believing in universal values.
That the contents of this blog will reflect through the person of the blogger is self-evident. The blogger has his likes and dislikes, and no doubt will be acting like a prism, a personal prism.
This personal prism of the blogger has certain angles and colors:
The blogger cherishes a cosmopolitan spirit; he is a moralist; a rationalist; a philosopher; a political philosopher; he believes in Classical Liberalism, as a Theory of Conduct.
He is an intellectual entrepreneur, and has substantially contributed to the founding of the first free market think tank of Pakistan, Alternate Solutions Institute.
He is a writer who wrote / published dozens of articles on a variety of issues, and is author of 4 books.
He wrote / published short-stories in Punjabi, a regional language of Pakistan.
He composes poetry both in Urdu and Punjabi, and has already published one collection.
He is a photographer; and a stamp-collector.
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1 thought on “First things first”

  1. Well done, Khalil, on starting this blog site. I will look forward to reading the articles and joining in with comments over the coming months and years. It will be a great way for me to understand your country better and to know how the Pakistani people think about the various issues they face.

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