Conspiracy Mindset

What’s a conspiracy mindset?

It’s a mind set in to explaining things or events by going beyond the same things and events.
That is, it places itself at the exterior of a thing or an event, and sees it from there, and instead of explaining it scientifically in parts or philosophically as a whole, so to say, explains it in a causal relation to “something / someone else” existing outside of it.
Such a mind takes things in their totality and explains them away once and for all as absolutely caused by A, or B, or C, etc, where A, B, C, etc, may be a humanoid entity or a personified entity.
Such a mind is so impatient and intolerant towards things or events that it cannot wait for them to unravel, and / or then know them slowly and gradually, and thus in haste ascribes their happening to this or that human agency.
In that, such a mind tries to capture a mountain in its hands. Or as is said in Urdu, tries to capture an ocean in a droplet. Or, tries to capture centuries instantly!
Let me clarify, in arts and literature that human urge may find its fulfillment, but not in knowledge where its intervention transforms theories into ossified ideologies.
In that, such a mind repudiates all human knowledge and the patient striving to gain knowledge.
In that, such a mind rejects the discovery of the past, claims to know the future beforehand, and for the present lives inside of a conspiracy imposed upon it by itself.
Such a mind relaxes in explaining things and events and their knowledge as externally caused by already known humanoid forces.
In that, such a mind strips the things of their internal nature, and turns them hollow.
In that, such a mind denies evolution of the things and the universe.
In that, to such a mind, from the infinitesimal part of the universe to the measurably immense universe itself, every thing and every event appears to be a conspiracy!
Note: In explicating the conspiracy mindset, I was so much given to how it works that I missed the context completely within which it works. Friend, Professor Zafar Jamal, with whom I shared it before posting, rightly pointed out that the conspiracy mindset assigns every conspiracy to this or that human agency or any such personified agency.
Thanks, Professor! He also promises to write about the conspiracy mindset from the psychological standpoint. For that “Thanks” are pending with me till its completion!
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  1. Sure! Conspiracy theories give information about the prevalent beliefs and opinions! As such, they are valuable; but otherwise, they mislead and confound; and conceals the truth as well as urge for truth.

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