Saving Humanity from the Grind of Education

The Grind of Education is milling generations of human beings to waste their life, talent, creativity, and the genius of their unique individuality in a drab of degrees and diplomas. It’s by taxing heavily the growth and development of the human world holding it back instead.

That’s why especially political elites (read States and Governments) are fond of it. They have inspired a huge industry of NGOs and a flourishing crop of intellectuals to come to exist which remain busy to put more and more pressure on states and governments to allocate more and more funds for Education.
Among other things, that justifies the political elites’ indoctrination of individual citizens with their ideologies. It’s a long list of unending artificial constructs, such as nation-ism, ethnic-ism, class-ism, religion-ism, sect-ism, language-ism, province-ism, party-ism, clan-ism, caste-ism, so and so forth, that by feeding which the political elites prey on the lives of individual citizens.   
It is in this backdrop that the Education crucially and fatally needs to be released from the burdens of this Grind may have its rationale explained.
The issue is how to get rid of this Grind of Education and how to unleash the talent, creativity, genius, and uniqueness of every individual human being to play freely. It is the born right of every child born to human beings.
To start with, a few suggestions are given below. They may unleash the individual human beings from the grinding mill of the present-day Education.
They are not utopian. It requires only a will to put them into effect, and they will free the individual creativity of their choice.
First – All the examination systems be done away with.
Second – To prepare the course, teach and evaluate it, teachers be given full autonomy.
Third – After the completion of required period of education in an institution, participation certificates 
be issued.
Fourth – Details of the courses studied be shown on the participation certificates.
Fifth – Along with the courses, names of the teachers, who taught them, be mentioned in bold.
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